The Body Composition Smart Scale S3

Redefining intelligence, recognizing each family member

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11 Different Body Indexes

Connect your Smart Phone to Picooc scale via app and it will count display 11 different body indexes.

Everytime you step on the Picooc Scale, it will calculate 11 different body indexes and display a comprehensive report, helping you understand more about your body.

Automatically sync data from each weigh-in, over WiFi or Bluetooth.

S3 built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual-core communication module. It can use Bluetooth to connect if it has no WiFi. After S3 connect to the WiFi via cell phone, the weighing data can be directly sent to your PICOOC App.With ultrafast configuration, S3 will connect to your home Wi-Fi network within 5 seconds at the first time. Super Easy.

In just 3 seconds, know your whole body.

S3 uses the dual-core chip of fat measurement. It can obtain the data of the body within 3 seconds, which speed of fat measurement is 3 times higher than general body fat scales. Super Fast.

Looks great inside and out. Technology and Art.

The ITO conductive coating film with better electric conduction performance can control the fat measurement error within ten-thousandths.

The thickness is only 0.2 millimeter. There is no bump in the glass surface which presents the original crystal luster of the ultra-white tempered glass.

High-Performance sensors for more accurate measurements.

With the high-precision weighing sensor, it can perceive the subtle changes in your body. With BIA chip of fat measurement, it can quickly measure the amount of body fat and makes each weighing accurate.

Sharp and sleek design to fit for any home.

S3 uses the unique bright white LED as display lamp which makes it harmonious with the simple and white body. It can also make the screen reading and display more clear.

Larger and thinner for more stability.

The larger scale can fully accommodate your feet. The slim and sturdy design of the scale makes it more stable which prevents the roll over effect. The comfortable weighing experience makes you feel more secure.

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