● Enjoy Music: Surprising sound and multi colour lighting face when connected.

● Selfie Remote: Use your camera from Xoopar Boy!

● Playtime: Enjoy up to 3 hours continuous music, comes with a wrist strap for easy carry.

It’s an Art Toy shaped Bluetooth speaker, 3 inch (7.5cm) height. Maybe the cute size or the unexpected sound, he became a multi-cultural phenomenon. This little guy has amazing speaker inside. Fits your bag so that you can travel the world with him, romance with its colours. Use the button back of it’s head to take selfies, just press 2 times and it works as a remote shutter. Comes with a wrist strap for easy carry.


    Wireless Speaker with massive bass (10W) built-in handsfree speakerphone and TF card slot.

    ● Up to 8 hours of playtime with middle sound level.

    ● Breathing body light for night mood. Can pair 2 pieces for stereo experience.

    It’s an Art Toy shaped Bluetooth speaker, 5 inch (12cm) height. The X5 is much louder than the little X3. But it’s also very smart. Once you bring another one it will give you a surround stereo effect. Put it in strategic locations in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. X5 can also glow and give a perfect moody light. The TF card slot allows you to directly use it even without pairing your phone. One for him, one for her but together it makes the perfect pair!


    ● Design for home: Fits for living area & premium decoration, 2+1 setup with super bass.

    ● XL Bluetooth speaker (8 inch) with handsfree speakerphone.

    ● 360 degree sound: High quality acoustic sound for playing music and movies.

    23W of music power, a built-in deep bass subwoofer, Grand Boy stomachs all your music effortlessly and is not for the faintest hearts! Standing a full 8 inch, it is dressed in mysterious black or in mesmerizing silver to match your interior design. A token of contemporary style that will undoubtedly impress your friends, with a clear and powerful sound system. Also can be used as hands free speakerphone.


    ● 5,000 mAh portable battery with built-in suction cups, charge your phone up to 3 times.

    ● Portable charging cable. Featuring USB, Lightning, Type C, Micro USB adapters all-in-one.

    ● Ready to charge combo pack with re-usable pouch.

    Let’s be honest, our greatest fear… is to run out of battery and be totally offline! To avoid this F.O.M.O, Xoopar launches the Weekender Power Pack: an external battery that can charge your smartphone twice regardless of the model thanks to its multicable. With the Weekender, you have the freedom to move!


    ● Wireless charging dock with ergonomic angle, FOD safe charge protection.

    ● Fast charging (7.5W / 10W) for Apple and Android.

    ● Beautiful Géo light as charging indication.

    Got a QI charging phone? Than this charging dock might be the coolest gadget for your desktop! The Géo dock is an ergonomic fast charging wireless charger. Both iOS (7.5W) and Android (10W) can charge in the fastest speed possible! Géo Dock recharges your device simply: you just have to lay it on its oblique soft-touch black surface and let the Géo do its magic in a speedy way.

    Safety First: Features the most recent safety circuit that will immediately stop the charge if it detects a foreign object on its surface that is not a Qi device.


    ● Beautiful Géo design with rhythmic LED light show.

    ● Powerful sound with rich bass.

    ● Ultra compact (6,5cm) and rubberised finish for easy grip.

    Too cool to be true for a mini speaker of this size. The artistic Géo lights will harmonically dance with the music. This little shining gem is not a gimmick. It’s a true speaker of 3 Watts! The audio performance is boosed by a passive subwoofer in the shelf of the product. Prepare yourself for a complete show of audio and light!


    ● Wireless charging powerbank with FOD safe charge protection.

    ● Wirelessly charge up to 150% of your smart phone , embedded suction cups for easy charging.

    ● Beautiful Géo pattern light.

    It’s a portable power bank to charge your smartphone phone wirelessly. If your phone has built-in wireless charging function, no need for cable to charge! Géo Wireless charger solves a common problem with QI charging which is the difficulty to center the device. Not anymore with Géo! The suction cups on it’s back will hold your phone tight so that the charging will be fast and secure. The handsome light effect will be a very cool gesture for night use. And there is also one extra USB plug for non-QI phones!

    Safety First: Features the most recent safety circuit that will immediately stop the charge if it detects a foreign object on its surface that is not a Qi device.

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