Xoopar Boy

XL Bluetooth speaker (8 inch) with hands-free speakerphone. 360 degree sound: High-quality acoustic sound for playing music and movie.

Bubble Bang

Cutting edge smooth design with rubber touch. Patented built-in cable. Super slim with premium suction cup

Hug Booster

Emergency power-burst, real keychain size. Priority Charging: Charges your phone first and HUG second.

Octopus Cable

USB, micro USB, Type C and Lighting Adapters all in one. Key ring design.

The Xoopar Boy


Xoopar Boy Mini

Enjoy your music with enhancing sound and dynamic lighting face.

 Playtime: Upto 3 Hrs

Xoopar Glow

Glowing Body. Supports micro SD Card.

 Playtime: Upto 4 Hrs

Grand Xoopar Boy

XL BT Speaker with hands-free speakerphone. 2+1 super bass setup.

 Playtime: Up to 9 Hrs

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