Educational Range – Solar Toys



Solar Metal Racer

Solar Metal Racer is a fun solar car that is easy to put together: strength, power, speed, building, and cost-effectiveness. It will bring excitement for ages 8 and up, a fun-filled learning experience and moments of greatness.


SAltwater FC Baja runner

Remarkable salt water fuel propulsion technology. A few drops of salt water and magnesium “fuel” generate a new form of clean energy. Learn about new forms of clean energy. Operates for 5-7 hours continuously. 29 assembly parts.


solar bug

The solar bug is ideal for a do-it-yourself science fair, after-school, or summer workshop project with the bonus gift of learning mechanical transmission and electrical motor theory. It’s a great toy for the beginner enthusiast 8 years and up, and a gateway to ignite opportunities in fun learning.



This is an all-terrain solar vehicle, equipped with 6-wheel mechanical suspension and 4-wheel drive system, this super Rover conquers and goes beyond boundaries.

Additionally, fantastic planetary gears transmission system and adjustable robotic arms to add more interesting and fun for children to play & learn.


Tobbie octo robot

Tobbie is an intelligent six-legged robot which provides great interaction with children. Tobbie has two modes: Follow or Explore. In “Follow” mode, Tobbie follows the object whichever approaches it. In the other mode, Tobbie avoids obstacles to keep moving. This little robot offers wonderful light and sound effects. Create a maze for it or allow it to follow you.