Adult Horns & Lights

Be heard and be seen on your next ride! Including the world’s loudest cycle horn, explore our range of cycle horns and lights.


Bright enough to light your way in complete darkness and get you seen in broad daylight. The five horn modes (ranging in volume and tone from 95 to 120 dB) mean you can actively let drivers know where you are. The remote trigger, which sits under the rider’s thumb, means it’s there when you need it. The micro USB rechargeable battery gives you an easy way to recharge between rides.


140 decibels is the equivalent sound of a jet engine and 4 times louder than the nearest competitor so you can alert cars, buses, lorry drivers & pedestrians to your presence. It has two sounds - a piercing 'road' mode and a lower pitched 'park' mode for cycle paths. The remote trigger means it is safe and easy to use when braking. It is easy to install and remove and the mount fits all bikes. Completely weather proof (although not submersible!)