Educational Toys – Play Steam



The Space Weather Station

An All-in-one weather learning kit & water-cycle simulation in the design of the international space station. A Set of plastic parts assembling the weather station, transparent globe, thermometer, compass, stickers, screws and learning booklet.


Plant Maze Botany Kit Set

Lets children now become botanists! Observe the growth of roots & leaves in a very visual and active way with living plants. Comes with a full learning book.

A set of plastic parts for house frame, soil tank, water tank, transparent plate, partition and panel, small tools included: Cultivation dish, tweezers, dropper, magnifying glass and shovel. Cardboard shading card and learning booklet.



The world’s first wind-powered motor glider. Assemble your own wind turbine & then learn how to convert wind into electricity to power your motor glider!

A set of plastic parts assembling the wind turbine and stand, plastic and foam motor glider and learning booklet.


Water Rocket Science Kit

Play and learn about rockets & water pressure with a rocket that fly up to 30 meters high. Includes everything you need to put it together including rocket, launchpad, pump, and a detailed instruction manual.

A set of plastic parts assembling the water rocket, launching platform, hard pump and accessories for launching and learning booklet.


Arts Robot Spiral Factory

Build your own Arts Robot Factory! Reuse your favorite soft drink can and hire them as your factory worker! Give the robot a pen (not included), you can then instruct it to create various amazing spiral art designs & patterns.

A set of plastic parts assembling the drawing arms and robot, 30 sheets of blank cards and learning booklet.



Assemble this remote-controlled snake yourself. Fast, agile and with two levels of speed you can turn your Robot Snake into a football player with the included ball.

A set of plastic parts assembling the robotic snake, plastic control wire, Eva ball, sticker and learning booklet.


Atmospheric turbo racer

Build your own Air Powered Racer! Includes science learning kit to help children learn about atmospheric pressure. No battery required. A set of plastic parts assembling a racecar, EVA wheels, handpump, paper cardboard, PET bottle, and learning booklet.