Powerful off-road & urban experience

Unforgettable off-road experience

45 km/h Speed

Fulfilling your desire for speed the Segway Z10 does not disappoint with its power & performance. There is no Segway Product goes faster than this one, so let the adventure begin!

90 km Reach

The Z10 has the longest range of any Segway model, which allows you to explore further & for longer.

Strong Structured Wheel

18-inch strong structured wheel, equipped with a 4.1-inch thick pneumatic tire, provides performance both in urban traffic and off-road environments.


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*Typical riding time: tested while riding under full power. 75 kg load, 25 C, 8 km/h average speed on the flat hard ground. Please note that rules and regulations for riding Segway products on public roads differ for every country. Please make sure you wear a helmet at all times while using this product.
Grab your Z10, Let the adventure begin!
The Segway Z10 is dedicated to giving you the most unforgettable experience both in urban and off-road. With its 4.1-inch thick pneumatic tire, your ride will be stable & smooth – the Z10 is made to go on packed dirt, flat pavement, slopes, and even small bumps. The stand out feature of this advanced one-wheel is that it can go up to 45km/h on flat surfaces, fulfilling your need for speed! Automatic optical induction LED lights, rear lights and an ambient light on wheel hub will ensure you are visible while riding after dark. The Segway Z10 is equipped with Smart Battery Management System, which keeps a constant eye on your battery consumption & power output for motor safety. Away from over-heating, over-voltage, and under-voltage, guaranteeing the battery to stay in a perfect condition. Get on you Ninebot by Segway Z10, let’s go on this adventure!